1. Horse must be a registered with the Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS)

2. Horse must be registered with the Australian Campdraft Association (ACA)

3. Horse must be Rookie Horse registered with the ACA

4. The owner of the horse must be a financial member of the ASHS

5. The owner of the horse must be a financial of the ACA

6. Horse must be in their first year of campdrafting

7. Open to all ASHS members Australia wide

8. The owner of the horse can nominate a seperate rider

9. Points are awarded the same as the ACA Rookie Horse title, but can only be gained at 8 nominated ACA affiliated venues

10. It is not necessary to nominate all venues at the time of nominating for the Super Quest competition. (It is suggested that at the time of nominating for a particular draft; your venue is also given to the Super Quest point score keeper at that time also.)

11. Venues must be given to the point score keeper before the nominated venue starts competition

12. Venues can be cancelled up until the start of an event

13. Late entries are not accepted / Points are not retrospective

14. The top 6 horses are eligible to compete in a Super Quest final held at the ACA National Finals

15. In the event of a competitor being unable to attend the National Finals, their position is forfeited and the next horse on the leader board will be eligible to compete

16. In the event of the point score keeper competing in the Super Quest competition, venues must be confirmed with a member of the North QLD Management Council of the ASHS


Venue Nomination:

Venue nominations can be submitted;

* via the form on this website (found here)

* via email to:

* via phone: (07) 46 549 157

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